About Spacium

Spacium was created as a passion project by an aspiring entrepreneur who finds furniture and decor to be one of the most wonderful things in life.

Built on elements of convenience and diversity that takes away all the stress and helps customers enjoy a smooth shopping experience, Spacium is a platform created just for you.

The process of choosing an item of furniture for your space is quite an interesting journey.

Taking the time out, travelling from one outlet to another, going back and forth to compare, it takes a while before decisions are made!

With today’s hectic routines, this activity which is supposed to be fun has become more of a task for many.

Through our app and web, you can:

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Browse through
hundreds of brands

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Compare prices with our
product comparison feature

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View products through AR

Be part of a thriving community

Join our community

Sign up for our rewards program that unlocks a world full of benefits every time you shop

Have access to interior designers through the Spacium platform

Shop kitchenware, baby furniture, textiles, pet furnitures and a diversity of other products

Use our advanced filters option to find EXACTLY what you want

Get the best delivery options

This is just a glimpse into what Spacium has to offer. We can’t wait to see you set your spaces with us.