5 Interesting Fun Facts About Furniture

If you’re dying to know some interesting, little-known facts about furniture, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some fun interesting facts about the everyday household items that support your weight day in and day out, ones that are sure to pique your interest and shine a new light on the furniture you’ve used all your life.

Keep reading now for our top 5 fun facts about furniture!


Sofa Lifespan

Sofas are one of the furniture staples of every household, along with plenty of offices, waiting rooms, and theaters too. It may have crossed your mind how long the typical couch lasts, especially when they seem to get so much use every day.

Well, the average lifespan of a sofa might just surprise you! An average sofa has a lifespan of around 2,958 days before it becomes completely unusable. That’s roughly 8 years! Now that might sound like a long time, but that means the average person would go through nearly 10 sofas per lifetime. That’s a lot of sofas, right?


The Most Expensive Chair Ever Sold

Alright, if that last fun furniture fact didn’t surprise you, this one is sure to! Let’s see how much the most expensive chair ever sold went for…. Ready?

The most expensive chair ever sold went for a whopping $28 million! The chair itself was an antique belonging to world-famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent. As the first living person to be recognized and honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the chair had to fetch a high price, right?


The Dragon Chair


Oldest Bookcase in the World

Now this one is sure to get your fun fact juices going! Imagine the oldest bookcase in the world, collecting dust throughout the ages, holding books that have long since been reduced to dust. Sounds pretty crazy to us!

The oldest bookcase in the world is over four centuries old and still stands in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. This bookcase displays the oldest extant example of a shelved gallery around today. We think that would be pretty cool to go see!


How Much of Our Lives Do We Spend in Bed?

Now, depending on how you look at this fun fact, it might seem depressing or just plain hysterical. You’d probably guess we spend a large portion of our lifetimes in our beds, right? But how much do we spend there, exactly?

To answer the question, the average person spends about 33% of their lives in bed. That’s a staggering third of our lifetime just spent lounging or sleeping!


Invention of the Office Chair

It may just surprise you to know how long ago the modern-day office chair was invented, and by whom.

Office chairs were invented by none other than Charles Darwin in the 1800s. Since he spent so much time at his desk doing research and whatnot, he wanted to be able to move around his office without having to stand up every time. What a smart guy!

And that’s it for our fun furniture facts. Check back for more interesting articles next time!

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