Elevate your home style. Simple décor tips!

We spend our lifetime moving from places to places. We make homes, build spaces and we fill them with love, laughter, memories that echo through the walls. These spaces are a silent contribution to our growth, how we move through all the seasons of life.

What’s beautiful is how the things kept inside a space can tell you so much about a person. A particular color used on the walls, the type of frames used for your pictures or even perhaps the pattern of the carpet in your living room. They all tell a visual story and give a silent tribute to their owner’s style.

Today we bring you simple tips on how to elevate your home or your space without much of a hassle. We hope that you feel inspired from these and tag us on our socials with the hashtag #spaciumrecreations for a chance to win a voucher to spend on our site!


Green is always good!

Bringing a bit of mother nature into the comfort of your place not only brings color and freshness to the room but also works as a great stress reliever for your mental health. Whether you choose large plants and place them in a corner next to your favorite armchair, pick out mini cactus plants for your center table or perhaps hanging plants to add a certain charm, it all works great.

Add a pop of color

It’s amazing how colors can simply add such a vibrant vibe to a space. Pick a wall that you would want to use mainly for décor and paint it a vibrant shade like Navy blue or perhaps a soothing one such as mint green. Set up a shelf and add the decoration pieces you love the most or maybe it’s time to shop for new ones (Spacium.ae) (innocent eyes gif)

Adding a touch of color to your space will instantly make it brighter. Trust us it’s definitely worth it!


As good as new

Ever had a piece of furniture that you just love so much but know it had its fair share of time with you? Well, it doesn’t always have to be goodbye! Now is the perfect time for you to get creative and have a bit of fun. If you have an old table, chest of drawers or a piece of furniture you can’t bear to part with? Get a new tub of paint (choose a color that is your current favorite), get some new handles and get to DIY’ing a revamped piece of furniture that literally looks brand new!

Woodtastic DIY!

Need a cool side table for your bedroom? Use a wooden crate, place it vertically and keep your bedside essentials right next to you! Plus, it’s going to add a rustic charm to your room.

Thoughts on the wall? Literally!

A chalkboard wall is just one of those simply amazing, yet fantastic ideas all rolled into one. In the mood to leave a reminder? Jot it down. Want to add inspirational messages? No problem! Feeling artistic? Go ahead and draw something that’s on your mind. Keep it in your office, lounge, or a space you use the most! It is fun and beneficial at the same time.

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