5 tips to keep your furniture clean!

Our spaces are elevated and brightened up with the kind of furniture we place in them. Our choices of furniture can perhaps tell our visitors a little bit about our style when it comes to decorating. As much as that is a fun and creative process to select unique pieces that become a part of our space, it’s also equally important that we care for them in the right way, so they last longer and don’t fade.


So here we are sharing a few tips on how you can care for your furniture pieces in the best way.


Don’t be Lazy:

It’s always important to have a consistent cleaning schedule to make sure that our sofa’s don’t have dust buildup or endless crumbs hidden in the corners or our tables to keep collecting stains that we are too lazy to clean on time. Dusting, Vacuuming, and using a clean cloth and mild soap /water to clean twice a week will not only have our furniture looking fresh but will also be much easier to maintain.



The right products matter

Using gentle products and the right ones depending on the material/fabric of your piece of furniture matters a lot. There are a variety of products in the market that are designed for specific types of furniture. Using harsh cleaners will not only cause ruin but will result in faster fading and damage. So always make sure to do your research and find a gentle cleanser as well as the right product for your requirement.

Sun Protection

Constant exposure to the sun can dry out and ruin your furniture faster! Make sure that you rotate your furniture every now and then if it is kept under direct sunlight (through a window). You can also use fabric covers to give your furniture protection as well as use window treatments that reduces the amount of sunlight that would enter the room and act as a protective barrier.

Pay Attention

Sometimes we see some paint being chipped off or a stain being built up over time or even a small area of our furniture that is starting to lose its shine. Instead of ignoring it, make sure to treat it immediately because a fresh coat of paint, a little bit of touch up to your furniture will definitely give it a bright new look again.


Care instructions

Most furniture pieces come with care instructions written to give you a clear idea of how to best care for your furniture and ensure it lasts long in top - notch condition. Always read these care labels as they give a very clear insight into the daily/overall cleaning guide for your furniture. Trust us, it will make your life much easier.

We hope these tips come in handy for when cleaning day comes up for you again! If you learned something new from this blog, send us a DM on our Instagram @spacium.ae and share your feedback! Happy Cleaning

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