Cancellation Policy

Our Policies are in line with the relevant applicable UAE laws and regulations, and are not intended to affect any rights available to you as a Consumer under the UAE Laws. Note that the policies are subject to change as per the updated and effective laws and regulations at any given time.

Time frame for cancellation:

Orders may be cancelled within 12 hours of the order being placed and prior to dispatch, subject to the below cancellation procedure and the order consisting of Eligible Products. Once an order is dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.

*Check your email for regular order status updates or alternatively contact our customer service team on 026271646 for urgent order status updates.

*Refer to our Return Policy in case you wish to return your order after delivery.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible Products Non-Eligible Products
Furniture Furniture Made-to-order products
Accessories Customized products

Cancellation Procedure:

Account User:

Accessories Only Orders: If your order consists of accessory items only (i.e. does not include furniture) you can cancel the order online or by contacting our customer service team prior to dispatch:
Online: To cancel your order online, sign in to your Account. Find your order in “Your Account”. Click “View order details”. If the cancel option is available, you will find a “Cancel” button next to your order on the "Your Account" page. Click “Cancel”, complete the form presented and submit your cancellation request. You will then receive a confirmation email.

*If you do not find the option to cancel your order and/or if you do not receive a cancellation confirmation email, please contact our Customer Service Team as per the below:

Customer Service: To cancel your order through the Customer Service Team, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us on 026271646 In case your order is eligible for cancellation as per the above timeframe and eligibility criteria, your order shall be cancelled and you shall receive a cancellation confirmation email.

*The order shall be cancelled only if you receive a cancellation confirmation email, in any other case the order shall be delivered and not be subject to cancellation.

Furniture or Mix Orders: : If your order consists of furniture, or furniture and accessories you can only cancel your order by contacting our Customer Service Team (please refer to point 1(b) above).
Gift Card or Coupon Code Orders: If your order was made using a Gift Card or coupon code/offer, you can only cancel your order by contacting our Customer Service Team (please refer to point 1(b) above). Please note all the Products related to the offer will be cancelled, as they have been purchased as part of a group offer and the Gift Card or coupon code/offer will no longer be applicable on future orders.

Guest User:

If you are a Guest User, you can only cancel your order as per the above Cancellation Policy by contacting our Customer Service Team (please refer to point 1(b) above).


In case of successful cancellation of your order and your receipt of the cancellation confirmation email, the amount paid shall be refunded as per our Refund Policy.