Inspiration for newborn nursery

One of life’s special and most meaningful moments is when you prepare to welcome your little one into the world. One of the highlights of that time is putting the nursery together in anticipation to bring your little bundle of joy home. Today we at team Spacium are sharing some ideas that will help you put your dream nursery together.


1) Soothing Tones:

Whether it’s a beautiful shade like periwinkle blue for your baby boy or a charming one like dusty rose for your baby girl, pastel/light colors work wonderfully well when setting up your nursery. You can add patterns of small clouds or polka dots for décor which keeps it minimalistic but attractive as well!


2) Less is more:

One of the things that you don’t want to do with the nursery is to have it overflowing with furniture. Try to keep essentials only such as a cot and Chester drawer for baby’s clothes/accessories as well as a comfortable nursing chair. Make sure to have everything spaced out so the layout of the room does not look crowded.


3) Décor and lights:

From a clothing rack to hanging baby’s outfits of the week and keeping shoes on the bottom rack to a shelf that can have baby’s toys and other accessories, the ideas are endless! You can also add cute watercolor artwork to the wall as frames and have wall stickers in the form of nursery rhymes or patterns for that extra décor.

When it comes to the lighting, always ensure to use warm lights when it comes to the nursery which is not too harsh for the baby.


We hope these tips will be helpful when the exciting time of decorating your baby’s nursery arrives! Write to us [email protected] with your thoughts and feedback!

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